From Chief Editor about Emergencies

Bilingual list of embassies in Japan

Please register with your home country embassy in Japan once you settle in Japan for just in case of an emergency as a major earthquake, typhoon, flooding or “tsunami.”

Japan Helpline

Call 0120-461-997 (toll free from landline or pay phones),
0570 000 911 (mobile phones) or visit the following website:


*You can call #9110 for police-related consultations only.
Call 110 for urgencies and say:

Help me! I’m in danger (of ……)
There has been a traffic accident at ……
I’ve been involved in a traffic accident at …..
I’m at ……


*Same number as calling an ambulance. For medical emergencies please visit “From Chief Editor about English-speaking doctors in Tokyo and other medical information”

Prepare your fire extinguishers always ready at home.
Call 119 and say:

The address is ……

And evacuate as soon as possible!

Firefighters also rescue you from various other emergency situations.

No charges for 110 and 119

In Japan we use the same numbers for police, fire engines and ambulances. You are not charged with any fees for using their emergency services.

”Saigai-Denwa” Dial (special disaster-strike area phone system)

When regular telephones and mobile phones are difficult to connect you with someone you need to notify your whereabouts, dial 171 to leave a message or to check messages.

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