From Chief Editor about Moving in / out, Utilities and Waste Disposal


When moving in to an apartment or house, you may be able to start using water and electricity without any prior arrangements, but in the case of gas supplied through pipes you may contact the local gas company in charge to make an appointment with them in advance to have your gas valve open in your presence to start using it. In many rural areas gas is supplied by gas cylinders. Then you only turn the gas cock to start using it.

 Please read the relevant instructions (mostly written in Japanese) hanging on the doorknob or left somewhere in the kitchen before start using them for your own safety.

 If you are too concerned about reading Japanese instructions, why don’t you ask your landlord or real estate agent, or call foreign language services of your local municipal government office for help?

 You usually pay bills monthly through automatic transfer from your bank accounts, or at the utilities companies’ offices, banks, post offices and/or convenience stores.

 When moving out, you may inform the relevant utilities companies to stop the supply on the day you move out.

 *For telephones and cell phones please refer to the “Telephones and Mobile Phones.

Waste disposal

In Japan all garbage and waste are separated and collected on different hours and days designated by the local governments. Each local government sets out strict separation rules for you to follow.

In general especially in urban areas, you may separate your wastes to be burned, not to be burned and to be recycled. The recycle wastes are classified further in more details. If you don’t properly separate your wastes, your garbage and wastes may not be collected but left outside undisposed to cause different problems with your local community.

If you are not sure about the local rules, please contact your local government office. Many of such governments now have multi-lingual guides of waste disposal available.