The Japanese Home Style Cooking Class in English


The Japanese Home Style Cooking Class in English

Fun Lessons with Perfect Cooking Tips!

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  • You can cook Japanese cuisines with special recipes for traditional events
  • Please experience Japanese way to celebrate the seasons with art of the meals.


1. The contents of the lessons

The class designed for foreigners enables you to cook Japanese Home Meals within 20 minutes per dish.All seasonal, fresh ingredients and with English instructions.


<Lesson details>

– Special recipes for Japanese traditional events with seasonal, fresh ingredients; 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1soup and 1 dessert per lesson. Please experience Japanese way to celebrate seasonal events with meals.

– The most important tip, DASHI or Japanese basicsoup stock preparation is included in every lesson.

Learn quick, easy ways to cook various kinds of Japanese meals using DASHI stock.

– Small group lessons with relaxing, homelike atmosphere.

Provide great opportunity for you to make more friends and grow your community in Japan.

– We will demonstrate the way to cook withexplanation of ingredients and seasonings. You will also use Japanese cooking tools.


1. Time schedule

11:00-11:15 Introduction and preparation

11:15-12:45 Demonstration and lessons

12:45-13:30 Tasting time!

2. Class information

<Kichijoji Class>

Kawada Bld., 3F, 1-25-10, Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Every Sunday 2~5 participants

<Shimo-maruko Class>

1-5-17 shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Nomad global kitchen studio

Everyday 2~18 participants

Sagami-Ono Class

4-2-22, Kamitsurumahoncho, Minami-ku Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa

Every Saturday-Sunday 2~5 participants


3.Lesson Fee : 6,000 yen (w/o tax)


4.Cooking Lessons at Your Home

Personal or group lessons can be arranged.

At your home or a convention room per your request.

40,000 yen/ group* (w/o tax)+transportation

*Within 6 people. 8,000 Yen per person will be charged_

for larger group than 6 people.

※We can arrange tailored classes for you. Please contact us


Cancellation Policy

Cancelled 20 days~3 days before the lesson:50% of the fee will

be charged.2days~theday the lesson: 100% of the fee will be charged.


5.Lesson Courses and Menus

  1. Never fail! “Your Perfect Japanese” Course 

(1) Sushi roll course

(2) Bamboo skewered Japanese BBQ chicken course

(3) The “BENTO” or lunch box

(4) “DONBURI” Oyako-don or chicken’n egg rice bowl


2.Washo-Cook Seasonal Celebrations

(1) Spring:Bamboo shoot varieties

(2) Summer:Ginger pork and summer meals

(3) Autumn:Grilled saury with variety of mushrooms

(4) Winter:Osechi or New Year’s Japanese Special Meal Set

※Recipes may vary depending on the market situation.


6.The Schedule of Lessons

★MON, WED, FRI: Seasonal Celebrations course

★TUE, THU, SAT, SUN :Your Perfect Japanese course

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Japanese cooking instructor /Pharmacist


The organizer of the famous and popular cooking lessons in Japan for foreigners

More than 500 foreigners in Japan participated in the classes. Many love my recipes, ‘Japanese Home Style Cooking’ because of;

・The authentic Japanese taste with the seasonal, fresh materials

・Easy to review and cook at home

All dishes I introduced were amazing. Once my friends have tasted my dishes, certainly they come back to my cooking lessons.


8.Media Pickup

February, 2016 BS Fuji “A Dream Dining”
January, 2016 Supervised English translation for the cook book of “Easy, Tasty Japanese Cuisine”
December, 2015 NTV “News Every” – OSECHI or Japanese New Year meal from a Japanese cooking class for foreigners
September,2015 NTV “News every” – Japanese cuisine spreading to the world.
September,2015 MXTV “Morning CROSS” – “The TOKYO foreigners”
December, 2014 NHK TCV Show “Good Morning Japan” – “Cooking Class for foreigner”
December, 2014 TV Asahi TV Show “Morning Bird” – “Evolving Cooking Class”
December, 2014 Kanagawa Newspaper – “Developing Communication network”
October, 2014 Kanagawa News alpha 930 – “Spreading Japanese Culture by Japanese food TV”
September,2014 Article on magazine “Nikkei Off time for adult”


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