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I’m Mr. Hiroki, the owner of the camera store “Camera no Rokko” in Ningyocho, Tokyo, where old and new Tokyo meet.

I’m one of the very few experts of Pentacon Six TL (Praktisix) medium format cameras in the world, and of course I can restore and service most of classic cameras.

I’m also a professional photographer to shoot your photos for passports and other ID cards at my studio (inside my store) or visit requested locations to take snapshots, group photos, memorial photos, nature photos and whatever you like.

A variety of classic cameras are displayed and put on sale at my store. I’d like to stress here that these cameras are NOT AS-IS but COMPLETELY RESTORED or SERVICED!

カメラ3 カメラ2

☆My services include:
(1) Restoring and servicing of classic cameras
(2) Photographing
(3) Developing, printing, enlarging and other photo services
(4) Camera selling
(5) Camera and photography related consulting (film and digital)

☆Business hours: Mon. – Fri.: 11:00am – 7:00pm / Sat.: Noon – 5:00pm / Closed on Sundays and national holidays (summer and winter holidays)

☆Address: Ningyocho Bldg. 1st floor, 1-1-21 Nihombashi-Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (postal code: 103-0013)

☆Phone: 03-3667-4285

☆Access: 5 min. walk from Exit A2 of Ningyocho Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line or 7 min. walk from Exit 8 of Suitengu-mae Station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line

↓(Japanese only but will be also in English soon)↓
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☆Facebook page:

Please kindly inquire before dropping in at my store as I may have to close my store temporarily for photography outing sessions or other errands.

For further information, estimate and consultation please inquire to: rokko2013★ (Please replace ★ with @.)

Hope to serve you soon!