Useful Japanese Phrase in a Minute #1


Useful Japanese Phrase in a Minute #1



I’m Takako Sasaki from YOUKOSO NIHONGO! ,a group of professional Japanese teachers.

I, on behalf of  YOUKOSO NIHONGO! am glad to  give you an easy and short Japanese phrase that we use in daily life that you can read and learn in a minute.

Through this, I would like you to know and enjoy using Japanese correctly !








(Nice to meet you)


Hajimemashite is a greeting used when we meet with somebody for the first time.

After saying it, we start the conversation.

「Hajimemashite Sasaki desu.  I teach Japanese to non-native Japanese speakers.」

「Hajimemashite Kyle desu.  I’m an engeneer of  Y denki.」

And hajimemasu(はじめます/始めます) means to begin or start doing anything and hajimete (はじめて/初めて)means for the first time.


Hajimemashite Sasaki desu.

Useful Japanese phrase in one minute , hajimemasu!


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