Invitation to Shirokuma’s Fortune-Telling Club’s “Kita-Kamakura Tarot School”

Shirokuma School Principal Homes

Shirokuma’s Fortune-Telling Club


Invitation to our

“Kita-Kamakura Tarot Fortune-Telling School”


Shirokuma School Principal Homes

Shirokuma School Principal Homes


Opened in 2015, our Tarot Fortune-telling School is very original and effective using coaching techniques as well as our specially-edited textbook for better results. Thanks to the coaching methods incorporated, you will be able to perform much better as a Tarot fortune-teller and learn social skills necessary for your work. Despite our quite reasonable lesson fees, you can master the basics and professional skills as a Tarot fortune-teller.


☆Hurry up! Our basic class starts every month but we can accept only four students per class.☆


Free follow-up consulting services even after graduation also available

We will follow you up even after you “graduate” from our school: We can help you establish your own business as a Tarot fortune-teller if you wish, for instance.


You can master not only basics but also professional skills as Tarot fortune-teller!

You can master not only basics but also professional skills as Tarot fortune-teller!

【Lesson Schedule】

1:30 pm to 5:00 pm from Sunday through Thursday (closed on Friday and Saturday)


+We also have a Tokyo School and Skype School.+


*For other time and days please inquire to our Tarot Master Senri.*


【Lesson Fees】

Each lesson (3.5 hours) of all different levels: Basics, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Graduate and Incentive courses ⇒

⇒12,960 JPY (tax included) / lesson


**For those who have seen this Fujisan Best Community posting, you can have a special 1,000JPY discount from the first lesson fee (applicable to only one lesson). Please let us know before your payment.**



Atelier Kurinoki (a small old house with seasonal flowers as plums and magnolia in bloom) at:

Yamanouchi 535, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken

(Near the Kita-Kamakura Station on JR Shonan Shinjuku Line and JR Yokosuka Line)


【Inquiry and Application】

You can inquire and/or apply for our classes via email or by phone:

・Email to: tarot.senri★ (Please replace ★ with @)

・Call at: 090-4942-1626



◎Name of the Tarot Master of Kita-Kamakura School: Senri (friendly and fun-loving woman master)


Tarot Master Senri


◎Shirokuma’s Fortune-Telling Club Facebook Page in Japanese:

◎Japanese Webite of the venue (Atlier Kurinoki):


Looking forward to meeting you at our next class!