Useful Japanese Phrase in a Minute #4

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Useful Japanese Phrase in a Minute #4


Hai⇔Iie                                 So desu⇔Chigai masu

はい⇔いいえ                         そうです⇔ちがいます

(Yes⇔No)                          (That’s right⇔  wrong)


「Hai」means Yes, and 「So desu」 is that’ s right .

And reversal answer is「Iie」and「Chigaimasu」.

So desu includes also you’ re right and I agree with you or your opinion.

Chigamasu also has meaning that you’re wrong and definitely I’m not or I don’t.  So sometimes chigaimasu is empahntic.

We also use 「So ja arimasen」as a more gentle disagreement.


「Nihon hajimete desuka 」

「Hai. Hajimete desu.」

「Iie, chigaimasu. Kokoni sunde 5nen(5years since I’ve lived here) desu.」

「Iie, so ja arimasen, san kaime(3rd times)desu.」




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